Arturo Gonzalez Campos

Presenter, comedian, podcaster and Spanish scriptwriter
Arturo González-Campos is known for his role in television programs such as El club de la comedia. He was also the voiceover of Brainiac and Much to lose.

With more than 15 years of experience as a stand-up artist in theaters and halls, among which El club de la comedia stands out.

Together with Sergio Fernández, El Monaguillo, he has written several humorous books and monologues, having also performed the play Living thus is dying of humor for two seasons at the Infanta Isabel Theater. And El Show de la Parroquia in numerous Spanish venues.

He is the director of the Almighty podcast radio program, since December 2014, with more than a million downloads on different platforms such as iTunes and Ivoox among others. Together with his teammates Juan Gómez-Jurado, Javier Cansado and Rodrigo Cortés, every month at Fundación Telefónica (Gran Vía) he performs the program in streaming with the public and live.