Rafael Amargo

Dancer and Choreographer
He knows the purest essences of flamenco, while he has assimilated other types of choreographic trends, such as the teachings at Martha Graham's school during his stay in New York. His choreographies, sometimes very close to contemporary dance, never lose the reference point of the essence of flamenco.

Vindicator of the dance company, and of the theatrical and scenic concept of flamenco, this has not prevented him from dancing in the tablaos or investigating the contemporary dance environment.

He has received awards, including four Max Awards for Performing Arts: two for Bitter, one for Poet in New York and one for El amor brujo; the Positano Leonide Massine Prize for Dance as a dancer and choreographer or the Popper Prize (Association of teachers of Spanish Dance and Flamenco of Spain), together with Antonio Gades and Matilde Coral. In addition, the public has awarded him the award for Best Dance Show in El País de las Tentaciones for Amargo (2000) and Poeta en Nueva York (2002), which was also chosen as Best Show of the Decade.